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The best time to visit Maui


People often ask me what the best time to visit Maui is.  The correct answer, like many other questions, depends on who is asking, and what their interests might be.  If you are interested in seeing whales, then the answer is definitely winter.  The whales begin arriving around early December and whale season officially starts…

Update on Kilauea Eruption

Kilauea We are having many inquiries about traveling conditions in Hawaii during the current volcanic activity on Hawaii Island. As it stands today, most of the Volcano National Park is closed.  All commercial air tours are cancelled, as are the van, biking and hiking tours. The remainder of the island is completely open and safe…

Meet Shauna and Dave – Our First Guests!


We had the great fortune to meet Shauna Petrie and Dave Krook as our first guests of Boogie on Wheelchair Vans! They are a delightful couple and allowed me to tag along for a full day adventure so that I could just make sure everything worked correctly, and of course to get some great photos…