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Dirty Van=Good Times!


If you need to rent a wheelchair van on Maui, you need to know about us!  Boogie On Wheelchair Vans has been in operation now for about 6 months, and we have been very happy with our success.  Our customers have proven to be always very grateful for the availability of our services and thankful that we are here.  We provide you with the newest and most luxurious ADA accessible van available for rent on the island of Maui.

From our perspective, it has been very gratifying to see our customers able to enjoy everything that Maui has to offer.  Exploring the road to Hana or Haleakala without having to load and unload a manual wheelchair gives folks the ability to experience all the places that were too difficult before.
The last family that rented it really brought a smile to our faces!
For the first time, the van came back with over 300 miles on it, and it was really dirty!  This is why we formed the company in the first place, to enable disabled people to get out and BOOGIE!
Thanks to you, and to all of our customers, we hope you come back again soon!
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