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Airlines and Wheelchairs

Van by the water

Our last clients just went home, I spoke to the husband today.  Their trip did not start out well, on the first leg of their vacation, the airline broke his wife’s chair.  It is a power chair, with footrests, recliner, joystick, etc.  Not a manual, a really expensive chair.  They broke the joystick.  This is not something easily repairable on Maui.  We took them to the only facility on Maui that might be able to help, but ultimately they were forced to pay for a rental of an inferior chair, out of pocket, for their use the rest of their vacation.

Today, while I am at my other job, booking activities at Tom Barefoot’s Tours, I see in another file that another customer’s chair was also broken by the airlines. As I read more about this on social media, it seems like a very common occurrence and it upsets me that it happens so often.  It seems that, but for the greed of the airlines, it would be most effective to solve this problem by allowing customers to ride on the plane, in their own chair, secured to the floor with a tie-down system similar to those used in all other forms of public transportation.   It amazes me that the airlines tolerate this carelessness by their employees, as it costs them not only money but reputation.

We pledge to our customers that we will take the utmost care in helping you have a perfect vacation.  We know that details matter and that what we do makes a difference. I can personally assist you with booking all of your activities, all over the state, not just on Maui.

Summer is here, don’t delay, call right now!

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