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Update on Kilauea Eruption


We are having many inquiries about traveling conditions in Hawaii during the current volcanic activity on Hawaii Island.

As it stands today, most of the Volcano National Park is closed.  All commercial air tours are cancelled, as are the van, biking and hiking tours.

The remainder of the island is completely open and safe for most visitors.  The part of  the island that is being affected by this activity is very tiny, and has been closed to the public.  If you are affected by any respiratory conditions, it is probably best to avoid the Hilo area.


Pride of America Cruise ship has cancelled their stops on the Big Island until further notice, and will be extending their stays on Oahu, Maui and Kauai instead.  This gives you an opportunity to take advantage of our fully accessible ADA touring van to spend extra time exploring beautiful Maui nui!  Couples or families can rent our van and drive themselves, with the wheelchair riding either shotgun or middle row.  You can also request one of our local professional drivers, which we add on to your rental as an additional driver for a day.

Response to our services is growing every day, but we still have a few days left open in May, so check with us for availablity, and we are now booking into June.  Don’t delay, call us right away!


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