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Private and Premium ADA Tours on Maui


Now that we have the van on the road, I have been working on an itinerary of things to do here on Maui that are accessible for you.  Keeping in mind that there are variations in abilities, I have compiled a list of activities that are also of premium quality and that give everyone the opportunity experience the very best of Maui.

Probably the most requested item we get is for private tours.  While renting our van, you now have the opportunity to have this for a couple, or up to 4 passengers, by contracting with one of our local private tour drivers.  They will treat you to a special day, designed specifically to your needs.  They are knowledgeable about every place to go, what to avoid, and what not to miss, so you have the best possible experience.  We can schedule your driver in advance for your convenience.

While it’s true that virtually every luau in Hawaii is accessible, so how do you know which is the best one? And how do you know which boat you can get on, or if there is a way you could take a helicopter flight or even a kayak tour or a zip-line? I still work in the activity industry full time,  and the website where I work is the most extensive in the entire state.  AND it is also the only one with a category specifically listing activities for the mobility challenged traveler.  Over the years, Phil and I have been on all of them, along with virtually every dinner cruise, every type of snorkel tour, whale watch, helicopter flight and even zip-line on the island! If there is something you want to know about and we haven’t done it, tell us and we will go do it and report back to you!

I have spent countless time researching the subject and have compiled a sample itinerary that can be easily emailed to you.  I can make adjustments specifically for you. For those traveling to multiple islands, or by cruise ship, we also offer activities on all of the other Hawaiian islands.  We can save you both loads of time, and some pretty good money too.

Contact us today and I will email your free copy!

Also, we still have spots open over the Memorial Day travel season, so don’t delay, book today!

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