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Wheelchair Accessible Vans on Maui Just Improved

Boogie Van
For years now, ADA compliant, wheelchair accessible transportation on Maui has been next to impossible to get.  That is about to change with the introduction of Boogie On Wheelchair Vans.
Do you want to go to Hana, but don’t want to be on a 25 passenger bus?  Do you want to see Haleakala Crater, but not in the middle of the night? Would you like to be able to explore Maui on your own? We have dozens of points of interest programmed into the GPS system, just follow the pre-programmed directions.
Boogie On Wheelchair Vans is locally owned and operated.  We pick you up at the airport or cruise ship, get you checked in, and you are ready Boogie On! We’ll have your hotel programmed into the GPS for you, just follow it home.

On your day of departure, we meet up with you again.  No lines, no shuttles, we just drop you at the airport or cruise ship.

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